Coaching and Consulting for Optimal Performance


Success takes more than possessing certain knowledge, skills and abilities. To be successful in any area, whether it is sports, business or academia, we need to have the ability to perform in the storm. Performing is the storm is about being able to consistently perform our skills and abilities at optimal capacity under highly challenging circumstances. Quite often, what distinguishes an average performer from a top-level performer, are the mental and psychological skills they bring to the game. Ask any high performing sportsperson, executive, leader or student; most of them will agree that attitude and mental skills are critical to performance under pressure.

Performance coaching and consulting helps athletes, professionals and students to discover and learn about the attitude and mental skills that enhance their performance. The development of these skills is not a natural by-product of the development of knowledge or talent. For many performers, the support of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced performance expert can make the key difference in their performance when it matters the most.


Who is Coaching and Consulting for?


Coaching is very helpful for individuals who find themselves in the following circumstances:

  • Recently promoted and adjusting to the demands of a new position.
  • Possessing the abilities and skills for performance, but choking in high pressure situations.
  • Planning to make or in the middle of a career transition
  • Facing new challenges and changes.
  • Recovering from injury or setbacks.
  • Successful but stationary.
  • Under stress and in need of support and an an outside perspective.
  • Looking to improve their performance or career progression but hitting a wall.
  • Approaching redundancy and looking for a fresh perspective and clear strategy.
  • In senior positions and requiring an objective and experienced confidant.
  • Facing interpersonal difficulties.


What are the Benefits?

After a coaching individuals find they have:

  • Greater clarity about how they can improve their performance
  • Enhanced self-awareness and mood management skills.
  • The strength and ability to take personal responsibility.
  • More confidence and motivation.
  • Improved communication skills and interpersonal relationships.