Emotional Intelligence (EQ) underpins effective performance, interpersonal relationships and leadership. Emotional intelligence is fundamental to success and wellbeing, and has been found to be even more important  than traditional IQ. Approximately 85% of exceptional leadership is based on emotional skills.  Equally, EQ is fundamental for personal effectiveness, happiness, wellbeing and relationship satisfaction.  We integrate Emotional Intelligence into our all of our Performance and Leadership training programmes and one-to-one coaching.

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Programme is an intensive course, where participants can target their unique personal and interpersonal skills with precise development strategies. This course is supported by our unique Positivity and Strengths-Based 360 Assessment so that each participant has specific personal feedback from each of their immediate influence groups.

For individuals seeking to transform their lives, relationships and leadership, Emotional Intelligence training can be the necessary the tipping point. For the executive, EQ training will bring vitality to your leadership and pave the way to a high performance culture.  It can also provide the vital skills needed for effective change management and bring understanding to difficult leadership, engagement and culture conflicts.

Benefits of EQ Training


Our Emotional Intelligence Programmes and workshops provide practical and skill-based training which is grounded in hard science and research on leadership, performance and positive psychology.  Emotional intelligence training can be challenging and will introduce most participants to entirely new outlook of how they operate and affect others.