Energy management is about helping you control the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy that fuels your performance, whether that is related to sports, business or school. Research shows that how we manage our energy, not just our time, is key to sustainable optimal performance. Our approach to energy management is measurement-based and grounded in the sciences of performance psychology, exercise psychology, and nutrition. For many of athletes, leaders, and military personnel, energy management has effectively replaced old ways of thinking with the new ways of doing.

Based on our experience in high-stress, goal driven environments and on findings from scientific research, we have observed that:

  • High performance, improved health, and greater happiness result when athletes, business leaders, employees and students manage their energy well.
  • The key route to increasing productivity and performance involves managing energy, not just time.


Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.

– Denis Waitley

Energy Management for Sustainable Optimal Performance


Energy Management

Achievement of sustained high performance requires optimal energy management within the following four key arenas:

Physical Energy: The foundation of energy management is a healthy body.

Without adequate physical self-care we cannot produce optimal levels of the other essential energies. Looking after our  bodies is looking after business. As part of our Energy Management consulting we evaluate and create appropriate strategies to optimise our clients knowledge and habits around nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Emotional Energy: The energy associated with opportunistic emotions and resilience.

Positive emotional energy that inspires confidence and resilience is key to optimal and sustainable performance. In order to reach our Individual Zone of Optimal FunctionalityTM (IZOF) we must practice effective emotional energy management.

Mental Energy: The energy associated with mental processes such as thinking, analyzing, and decision-making.

One of our key priorities is on establishment of positive mental habit. Mental skills development is the key to energy management and is the single most important factor if we are to reach our optimal levels of functioning and performance.

Spiritual Energy: The energy associated with purpose, values, and beliefs.

With the effective and strategic training, you can increase your energy efficiency, for an athlete or business leader that is an enormous thing. Through replacing feelings of doubt and with positive thinking we can create positive options and more possibilities.