The H.E.R.O. Programme

The H.E.R.O. Programme
  • Scientific studies show that developing students’ social and emotional intelligence improves their academic achievement, emotional well-being and later career success. However, the cultivation of these qualities is something that is largely overlooked in the current educational system.

    The H.E.R.O. programme focuses on the cultivation of positive qualities such as resilience, compassion, optimism, gratitude, and mindfulness. This initiates a transformation process, helping children to mature into young adults who live productive, satisfying lives and place care and social connection as central to their lives and community.

    The H.E.R.O. programme is a comprehensive positive education and development intervention. It consists of modules designed to develop resilience, positive emotions, healthy stress-management strategies, and emotional intelligence. These interventions are remarkably effective and backed up by science. The H.E.R.O. programme is just one of many positive education initiatives springing up in countries such as Australia, the USA and France.


  • I’ve learned that if it’s going to be, it’s down to me”

    Clients of our school programmes and workshops include Blackrock College, Newbridge College, The Patricians College and St Johns College.



  • Students will emerge with multiple skills for positive wellbeing and performance including: Stronger resilience; Strengthened self- worth; Greater goal clarification; Time and energy management skills; Knowledge of Nutrition for Optimal Performance and; Enhanced Motivation and Drive.

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