Positive Approaches to Support Young People – Workshop or Programme

This course is for parents, teachers and others working with young people aged 12 and upwardsIn this course, parents and teachers will learn about how to help young people to confidently and intelligently negotiate the current challenging environment and reach their full potential. Participants will be introduced to practical interventions and development approaches supported by scientific evidence from the emerging field of positive psychology and performance psychology. There is an emphasis on building positive, healthy relationships with a focus on building the strengths of the young person.

Topics covered in this course include;

  • Building True Confidence
  • Developing a positive attitude to learning
  • Encouraging healthy, responsible decision making
  • Breaking free from drama and conflict
  • Helping young people effectively manage stress and anxiety
  • Fostering resilience and positive mental health
  • Building young peoples personal strengths
  • Creating positive options

Our Facilitators

Our Coaches are highly qualified in the areas of psychology and coaching, with extensive experience working with young people. Importantly, we strive create a coaching experience that is open, positive, non-judgemental and empowering.

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