Do you need a fresh perspective to help you chart your way through the dynamic and demanding business climate of the 21st Century? Executive coaching and consulting can help you expand and achieve your full potential to meet both professional and personal challenges. Do you need specific support in a new role, want to enhance your existing performance, or need greater clarity in your life and career focus? The coaching relationship provides a supportive refuge from which you can contemplate and plan your progression not only in your present role, but in your career and life.

Executive Coaching can help business leaders in multiple arenas;

  • Performance in Challenging Times
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Development
  • Strengths Building
  • Time and Energy Intelligence
  • Self-Confidence
  • Talent Development

Our executive coaches are informed, approachable, highly trained and have a wealth of business experience at the highest levels. For more information on what we offer or simply to find out more about how Executive Coaching can help you and your career or business, contact




We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion of sustainable peak performance, work-life balance, and balanced relationships. In addition to the topics and workshops listed below, we offer bespoke presentations and programmes tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Business leaders need new skills to help them navigate the demands of the current business world.

Our workshops, presentations and programmes are designed to equip our audiences with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the demanding environment in which we live. We deliver information that is applicable, relevant, and hands-on with an enthusiastic, interactive and informed approach. We provide our clients with valuable take-away information and workbooks that can be referred to again.

  • Emotional Intelligence for Better Relationships
  • Building Time and Energy Intelligence
  • Perform in the Storm: Sustaining Optimal Performance in Challenging Times
  • Work-Life Balance for Sustainable Performance
  • Accomplishing the Edge: The Science of Focused Attention and Awareness
  • Developing Leaders Fit for the 21st Century