Research shows that understanding and utilising our signature strengths increases life satisfaction and well-being. Our strengths identification tools and developments strategies provide simple and effective ways for clients to learn more about themselves and their unique paths to personal wellbeing and success.  Developing your personal strengths can dramatically impact quality of life as well as positively effect relationships, careers and personal growth. We incorporate a strengths based approach in all of our interventions, as ultimately, those who effectively leverage their strengths are more likely to reach their Individual Zone of Optimal FunctionalityTM (IZOF).


Strengths Identification for Professionals

For professionals seeking to enhance their own and employee performance, understanding character strengths is fundamental to increasing engagement, fulfillment and satisfaction. Individuals who actively use their strengths daily are 6 times more likely to be engaged in work. Teams trained to utilise their strengths are 12.5% more productive. Using strengths in novel ways is found to boost happiness and well-being.

We offer strengths based training and solutions in our executive and career coaching, programmes and workshops. We help our clients to identify their strengths through scientifically supported strengths identification questionnaires and provide them with the knowledge and tools to enable them to leverage these for sustainable optimal performance in the workplace as well as everyday life.



Strengths Identification for Students and Educators

Emerging research is demonstrating that students who focus on applying their character strengths in school exhibited an increased love of learning, enjoyment of school, language achievement, and enhanced social skills. Character strengths are linked to academic and career success, life satisfaction, and overall well-being in children and teenagers (Park & Peterson, 2008a).

In our programmes with young people, we invite students to complete a strengths identification survey specifically tailored to their age groups. In addition, we offer support and training to educators who wish to use theses survey and other tools with their students, cultivating a positive classroom environment.