Increasing global competition  has created a necessity for professionals to develop  the competencies of business leaders: analysis, strategic planning, team building, leadership, and communication. These ‘high performance’ behaviours, attitudes and styles are essential aspects of the professional toolbox for high powered organisations.

Talent Development ensures that employees have the necessary competencies to deliver sustainable cutting-edge performance and organisational competitiveness.


Coaching for Talent Development


Coaching has been identified as the most effective tool for talent development. Our talent Development Coaching and Consulting  is designed specifically to enhance work performance, so that the individual’s objectives and performance goals can be achieved and exceeded. The coach will bring a toolkit of appropriate models and techniques that will create the best opportunity for the learner to develop. The coach helps individuals to set goals, reflect on their strengths and areas for development, consider their options and design strategies to move forward.

  • Coaching was identified as one of the most effective Talent Management approaches in a recent CIPD review.
  • 96% of leading Global Companies thought coaching was highly effective as reported by the ACCA.
  • Return on Investment for Fortune 1000 companies calculated coaching at 600%.


Our Offering


One of our key differentiators is our unique blended approach of coaching and consulting is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our initial Talent Assessment Diagnostic (Talent Health Check) will pinpoint the areas most in need of development and the programmes initiatives will be designed to meet these needs in line with the strategic goals of the organisation.

  • Greater awareness and utilisation of their full suite of Strengths
  • Time Intelligence (how to best manage time and energy)
  • Positive Performance orientation skills
  • Stronger team spirit and engagement skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Coaching Skills for the development of others
  • Personal & Organisational Goal Alignment
  • Emotional intelligence and mood management techniques to enhance a positive working culture & working environment
  • Better self-regulation and decision making skills
  • Greater resilience and coping strategies to deal with setbacks and adversity
  • Gain a self-determination driven accountability and responsibility skills
  • Developed a growth mindset and an attitude towards continues development and improvement
  • Enhanced learning capacity




Our Talent Development Coaching and Consulting is suitable for senior executives, management at all levels in organisations as well as new employees in fast-track development programmes.