Time management doesn’t really incorporate the full depth of time; one of our greatest resources in life. That’s why we use a Time Intelligence framework, which incorporates key aspects of the successful use of our time, such as motivation, time perspectives, meaning, purpose goal setting and execution. By incorporating a wider perspective of time well spent, we can help clients to learn to manage their times in ways that are in synchrony with their goals, motivations and passions.

Humans need to have meaning and purpose in what we do, at work, and at home, alone and with other people. It’s easy for this sense of purpose to get lost in the stress and strains of everyday life.

We help our clients to accurately identify how they spend their time using the Time Intelligence report. In our experience, many people spend a significant proportion of their waking hours on activities that are not in line with their values, goals or purpose. By helping people to recognise this, and learn how to align how they use their time with their greater purpose and goals, we see remarkable changes in happiness, productivity, fulfillment and performance.


 Time Intelligence Training Outcomes


Clients can expect to improve their time intelligence in a number of ways:

  • Identify their current time perspective and how it influences their current time management habits
  • Identify where conflicting motives lead to procrastination
  • Learn techniques to overcome procrastination and boost productivity
  • Understand how to better prioritise time expenditure in line with key goals and passions
  • Better strategy and planning skills
  • Eliminate counterproductive time habits
  • Concentration and focus
  • Goal Setting